Have you played on our servers recently and wondered how you could further show your support aside from playing regularly? A monetary donation helps us cover costs for renting our premium game servers, as running a decently sized community with a handful of quality servers can become rather expensive very quickly. TrashedGamers is reliant on player donations to rent our main servers from Nuclear Fallout Enterprises, in addition to keeping our services advertisement-free and away from the "Pinion forced advertising hell" that many other communities are putting their players through to raise a buck. Nobody wants to join a game server only to have to watch an advertisement for 30 seconds before even getting to play or even see whether the server is actually good or not.

In return for your donation of $5 USD or greater, you will receive the following lifetime* benefits across most of our Team Fortress 2 servers**:

1) Round End Immunity: During the humiliation period, you are granted a Buff Banner particle effect and are "marked for death," but you remain invincible until the next round begins. Enjoy the peace of mind of your foes not being able to kill you, or jumping off the map and chilling out in areas you would immediately die in. 

2) Donation chat tag and text color: Stand out from the regular players with a spiffy donator tag and colored text in recognition of your support!

3) Be The Robot: Donators can type !robot in chat to transform into a robot player model from the Mann VS. Machine update! All classes and both team colors are supported! 


How to donate?


We currently only accept payments through PayPal at this time, or by contacting us for donating $5 worth of in-game Team Fortress 2 items to the TrashedGamers community (make a Trade Offer with Xena by clicking the link). We hope to have an automated donation system in place sometime in the future to make the process easier and eliminate the need for the community owners to manually grant donator benefits.

1) Click the button below to submit a donation via PayPal to

2) Enter an amount equivalent to $5 USD or greater if you would like to recieve donation perks. You can request not to have any perks assigned to your account.

3) If possible, please leave a note/message when submitting your PayPal donation that includes your SteamID (example: STEAM_0:1:12345678), or use the "Comments" form on our website using your real PayPal name, email and SteamID so we can enter you into our database and you can receive your benefits. If your PayPal email doesn't match your Steam account's email address, we have no real way of finding who you are and you may not receive your benefits until you contact us.

4) Allow us a reasonable amount of time to add you to our database as we have to do so manually. If it's been a few days since you donated and you still don't have your benefits, please contact us immediately.



Conditions: and its operators reserve the right to modify or remove donation benefits at any time. and its operators hold no liability for missing donation benefits due to game updates, software problems, server outages, being banned from the community after donating, failure to provide us with the information needed to add you to the donations database, or other foreseen or unforeseen problems. Your Steam nickname might be published on the TrashedGamers website or other TrashedGamers media outlets to acknowledge your support of our community. Donations may not be used to ban or unban players, or for the purpose of altering/removing community features.

*Lifetime donation benefits may be subject to change due to game updates or other circumstances where providing the donation benefits is no longer viable. 

**Donation benefits may be reduced or not present on some TrashedGamers servers where it is determined they are not viable.