Drinking Games

Drunk Driver

Requirements for play

1 deck of cards
2 players

Instructions for play

1. Decide who will be the 'dealer' and who will be the 'driver'. The dealer deals 6 cards (more for a greater challenge, less for an easy road) face down in a line adjacent to each other.

2. The driver turns over a card, and does the following:

a) card is a non-face card - nothing happens and the driver moves onto the next card.

b) card is a face card or ace, the driver is dealt additional cards to the line, based on which card he turns over:
Jack = +1 card
Queen = +2 cards
King = +3 cards
Ace = +4 cards.

The driver must also drink one shot/sip of a designated beverage for each additional card dealt.

The game continues until the driver has successfully made it off the road (gone through all cards dealt). If the dealer runs out of cards, simply reshuffle the cards already played.


Cops and Robbers



Requirements for play

1 deck of cards
6+ players

Instructions for play

Get a group of people (preferably at least 6 people) to sit around a table. Take a number of cards out of a deck that is equal to the number of people playing. One of the cards has to be a king and one of the cards has to be an ace. The other cards can be any combo of numbers people decide on. However, the higher the card number, the greater the chances of getting drunk quickly (you'll see why).

Pass out a card to each person.

1. Whoever receives the ace is the robber. Whoever receives the king is the cop.

2. Once all of the cards have been passed out, everyone stares at everyone else around the table waiting to hear the words "the deal has been made". These words will be heard once the person who has the ace (the robber) winks at someone.

3. The person who has the king (the cop) is on alert to try to see who the robber is. He/she wants to catch the robber winking at someone. Once "the deal has been made" (the person who is winked at will say this to the group), the cop throws over his card and tries to guess who the robber is (the person who winked).

a) If the cop guesses wrong, he/she has to drink the number of drinks that the cardholder turns over.

b) This game, cops and robbers, continues on until the cop guesses who the robber is.

It's hilarious to watch the cop go through everyone around the table while having to slam beers for each wrong guess.

4. If the robber happens to wink at the cop, the robber is automatically busted and has to drink a pre-determined number of drinks.



Blow Me



Requirements for play

1 bottle
1 deck of cards
4+ players

Instructions for play

1. To start Blow Me, take a deck of cards and stack them on top of a bottle (beer, vodka, whatever..).

2. Each person then tries to blow the cards off the deck.

3. If they can blow one card off than everyone drinks, if they blow more than one off nothing happens, BUT when somebody blows the whole deck of cards off the bottle they must drink the entire time while everyone sings the following tune:

*We will use the name Julie as as example...

"Oh here's to sister (when its a guy you say brother) Julie, sister Julie, sister Julie, oh here's to sister Julie who's with us tonight. She eats it, she beats it, she even mistreats it, so drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker drink!"

...and the crowd can sing as fast or as slow as they would like.


Brain Damage



Requirements for play

1 deck of cards
3+ players

Instructions for play

Remove the 8s, 9s and the red 10 tens from a deck of cards. This game is played just like BlackJack but to 7.5 points.

The ranks of the cards are:
Face cards - .5 points
Aces - 1.0 point
2-7 - face value
10s - wild

1. Lay out all cards face down, everyone "cuts for deal". Highest card deals first (10 would be 7.5, 7 is very good). Deal will go from highest draw to lowest. Very important: you cannot leave the game until after you have dealt. That's why dealing first is great, dealing last has been known to result in "Brain Damage."

a) The dealer takes the deck, deals one card face down to the first player, and one card face down to himself. The player looks at the card, then bets any amount of beer, a large shot glass is usually a good limit.

b) The player keeps his first card face down, and can take as many hits as he wants. If he goes over 7.5, he must announce that fact, and then drink the bet. If not, when he stops, the dealer turns over his card, and then hits until he thinks he has the player beat. If the dealer busts, he drinks the bet.

c) When the dealer is satisfied with his hand, the player turns over his card. The lowest total drinks. Ties mean player drinks. The dealer then goes to the next player, repeating the process until the deck is exhausted.

3. If the player gets a "five card charlie" (5 cards, not busted), he wins immediately, dealer cannot draw, dealer loses even with a 10 in hand. If player draws to 7.5, dealer can of course try to tie (win).

4. If the dealer begins dealing begins with six or less cards, the penalty of losing to that player is to deal again. With six or less cards, the dealer lays them face down, the player bets, they both draw a card, and the loser drinks (tie means the player drinks) Play continues until everyone has dealt.






Requirements for play

1 deck of cards
4-8 players

Instructions for play

1. The dealer lays out 15 cards in a pyramid form and deals 5 cards to each player face down. Each card in the pyramid represents one drink.

2. The players look at their own cards but don't let anyone else see them. The dealer flips the top card in the pyramid.

3. If you have the card you can tell someone to drink. You can also bluff that you have the card. The players can drink or call the bluff. If you call the bluff and the person doesn't have the same card, they drink double. If the player has the card you drink triple.

4. If a player has two or more of the card flipped then they can make someone drink twice or more, depending on how many matches they have. You can also split up the drinks given to players in Beeramid if you have multiple matches.







Requirements for play

1 deck of cards
2 or more players

Instructions for play

Any number of people can play Hi-Lo but only two participate at a time, one dealer and one player. The dealer turns over the top card of the deck to start. The player must then guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the face-up card.

Each card turned up is placed in a discard pile. If correct the player and dealer switch roles. If wrong the player must take as many drinks as there are cards in the discard pile. If after guessing higher or lower the next card turned up matches the top card on the pile, the player drinks twice the total of the cards in the discard pile. Needless to say this is a bad thing for the player and quite amusing to everyone else.